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We love cake, so trying to compose a menu for our bespoke cakes has not been without it’s difficulties! The delicious flavours below are those that most clients like to choose from…but they are simply a taste of all of the different sorts of flavours available.  Do you have a favourite that isn’t listed? Just let us know.*

Our bespoke wedding cakes include four layers of delicious homemade sponge filled with fresh buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache or marzipan which creates a smooth surface before adding a flawless finish of sweet fondant icing.

Triple Chocolate
Light chocolate sponge layered with a rich chocolate buttercream, morello cherry jam (optional) and dark chocolate ganache

Vanilla Berry
Madagascan vanilla bean sponge finished with vanilla buttercream and summer berry jam

Best Carrot Cake Ever (in our opinion)
A deliciousy moist and “yummy” carrot cake full of sultanas and mixed spices layered with a hint of orange buttercream.

Luscious Lemon
Mouthwatering lemon sponge filled with an out of this world (yes we really think so!) lemon buttercream

Chocca Mocha Caramel
Light chocolate and rich coffee sponge layered with chocolate buttercream and a creamy caramel sauce

Raspberry Red Velvet
Our version of a rich red velvet sponge baked with fresh raspberries and finished with a rich raspberry and vanilla buttercream…highly addictive!

Chocolaty Orange
Light chocolate sponge layered with a decadent chocolate orange buttercream

Coconut and Blueberry
Moist Coconut sponge layered with a rich blueberry and coconut cream buttercream…unbelievably “moreish”

Rich Fruit Cake
Rich traditional fruit cake filled with brandy soaked sultanas, currants, raisons, cherries and candied peel finished with marzipan and a sweet fondant icing.

Cappuccino Coffee
Rich dark coffee infused Madeira sponge filled with alternating layers of light coffee and vanilla buttercream

Coconut Matcha
Japanese Matcha Green Tea infused sponge cake filled with Matcha Green Tea buttercream and just a hint of coconut cream

A Taste of Summer
Luscious Madagascan Vanilla Bean sponge finished with layers of lemon and orange buttercream

Tipsy Strawberry and Champagne
For the perfect indulgence, Marc De Champagne and strawberry conserve swirled into our signature Madagascan vanilla sponge finished with a champagne syrup buttercream.

Salted Caramel
Rich gooey caramel chocolate fudge sponge layered with salted caramel sauce and salted caramel buttercream.

Tutti Frutti
Moist banana and caramel sponge finished with alternating layers of white chocolate ganache and raspberry buttercream.

Peach Melba
Italian peach conserve added to our light Madagascan vanilla sponge filled with alternating layers of raspberry and peach infused buttercream..even Dame Nellie Melba would approve!.

Decadent White Chocolate and Passion fruit
Rich Madagascan vanilla and passion fruit sponge filled with an all butter passion fruit curd and white chocolate ganache buttercream.

Cookies and Cream
A cake with a whole layer of Oreos cookies! More chunks of cookie crumble whipped into a rich chocolate sponge then layered with Oreo cookie crumb Madagascan vanilla buttercream.

Raspberry and white chocolate
Raspberry sponge full of tiny raspberry pieces layered with a creamy white chocolate ganache buttercream and raspberry conserve.

Elderflower and pink lemonade
Lemon infused hint of pink Madeira sponge finished with a subtle elderflower cordial buttercream.

*Additional charges may apply