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Cake Jars of Delight

Love cupcakes but want to try something quirky and original?

We love everything mini so our specialities are cupcakes and mini cakes.  We now are delighted to launch our Cake Jars of Delight.

Our delicious flavours of cakes are baked in the jars themselves and then iced as simply or decadently as you could wish.  Unlike cupcakes, which must be eaten almost immediately, being in a jar means that the Cake Jars of Delights keep fresh for up to 7 days in the fridge – well in theory anyway…you know you won’t be able to resist them!

They make the most cheekily indulgent desserts for a picnic, a unique wedding favour, a talking point at a corporate event or simply an out of the ordinary gift.

We offer both “naughty” standard (4 oz) and “nice” mini (1.5 oz) size cake jars, which are decorated with a satin ribbon in the colour of your choice.

Whether you love a classic Madagascan vanilla sponge, a luscious lemon cake or something a little more decadent such as chocca mocha caramel…we can make it as a delicious Cake Jar of Delight (or #cakejarofdelight)


“Cakes baked with love”