Get in touch! All of our bespoke wedding cakes have been created as inspiration for you so that we can design and make a unique wedding cake for you. Send us an email or phone us on 01622 210980 and we can chat through all of your ideas. We always ask that you let us have as much information as possible about your request and we are always happy to provide a guide price before meeting in person.

We always recommend that you come for a tasting (definitely the best bit of ordering any cake) at Bluebell Kitchen headquarters.

We realise that not every client can attend a cake consultation in person. We offer a Cake or Macaron Taster Box and telephone consultation as an alternative. Cake or Macaron Taster Boxes are £20.00 (inc VAT) payable in advance (£10.00 will be deducted from your final cake price should you decide to place an order). They contain up to five flavours. We try to accommodate flavour requests where possible, but usually include our most popular flavours in the Taster Box. Please contact us to find out the next posting date and flavours for our Taster Boxes.

Of course we do! There is no buying of pre-made mixes at Bluebell Kitchen…we shudder at the thought. Much as we would like to employ a greaser and liner of the cake tins we even do that too!

In fact all of our cakes and sweet treats are baked at Bluebell Kitchen using only the highest quality ingredients including free range eggs and Fair Trade chocolate to achieve our incredible flavours. Using only the most flavoursome ingredients, we believe they really do taste as scrumptious as they look.

Wedding cakes:
We recommend that you book your wedding cake approximately 6 – 9 months in advance of your wedding date subject to availability. We do take bookings up to 2 years in advance for those who like to plan!

However, don’t worry if you suddenly realise that there are only 2 months until your wedding and you just haven’t found a wedding cake design that you like, do get in touch because we can occasionally accommodate last minute requests.

Wedding Favours:
Subject to availability our macarons, Cake Jars of Delight, cookies and meringues can be ordered up to one month before your wedding.

Celebration Cakes:
For our celebration cakes, we ask for for a minimum of one week’s notice.

At Bluebell Kitchen we specialise in making delicious cakes in all sorts of flavours. Have a look at our cake menu for ideas.

We bake everything from a homemade Madagascan vanilla Madeira sponge to Elderflower and Pink Lemonade. To these you can add all sorts of butter creams, curds, ganaches and jams to make them really wow.

All of our cakes contain wheat (gluten), egg, dairy and soya as standard.

Our cakes are vegetarian (unless you order marshmallows), but not vegan as standard.

We do make dairy free and “without gluten” cakes, please contact us by email or on 01622 210980 to discuss flavour options.

Our macarons are made without gluten i.e. do not include any ingredients that contain gluten. They cannot be described as gluten free because they are created in a kitchen where other products containing gluten are also made. However, we do try to make every effort to avoid any cross-contamination.

We will always provide you/ your venue with a list of any allergens that may be applicable and this information must be signed for.

We cannot, repeat cannot (!) make nut free cakes. We work from a small kitchen so can never guarantee that traces of pesky nuts won’t appear.

The price of our bespoke wedding cakes depends on many factors and it is often underestimated how long a wedding cake can take to create. This is particularly true of bespoke designs and is dependent on the amount of design and sugar work that goes into their creation and of course how many people you want to serve.

Our bespoke fully iced wedding cake designs are based on three price levels from a simple iced cake (level one), additional decoration (level two) to highly intricate decorations and designs involving a lot of sugar piping and sugar flowers (level three). To give you an idea a simple iced cake (price level one) serving approximately 95 coffee portions starts from £465.00, whilst a highly intricate design (price level three) serving approximately 95 coffee portions starts from £585.00.

Other sizes and customisations including “naked” style cakes are also available, prices will vary accordingly.

Be that as it may, with a wedding cake you are not simply paying for eggs, flour, sugar and a quick blob of icing. We spend time with you discussing your dream design, considering what colours would work best with that design, sketching, researching and above all else making everything including all of our sugar flowers by hand. We want to make you a cake that matches your personality and if it means meeting with you multiple times until you know exactly what you want then we are more than happy to do that. In fact we like to keep in touch with you in the months building up to your wedding, even if its just an email to say hello! The best thing is to contact us and we can go from there.

If you are on a budget please tell us as you would be amazed with what we can come up with.

Naked style wedding cakes and even buttercream wedding cakes finished with fresh flowers are a fantastic option. Our naked cakes start from £395.00 serving approximately 95 coffee portions (inclusive of fresh fruit and fresh flowers where applicable).

We receive lots of requests for our wedding cakes to be decorated with fresh flowers. We prefer to source and arrange fresh flowers ourselves. We believe that it is better that the whole process from cake design through to set up and decoration on your wedding day is carried out by the Bluebell Kitchen team.

Please note: some fresh flowers are not suitable for cake decoration and we can discuss this in detail with you at your consultation. Further details regarding fresh flowers and other inedible items can be found in our terms and conditions, which are provided on ordering a cake from Bluebell Kitchen.

We always offer to deliver and set up your wedding cake for you to take away all that last minute stress. Generally we offer an inclusive delivery and set up service for our bespoke wedding cakes. However, please note that occasionally additional delivery charges may apply.

We do not offer a delivery and set up service for celebration cakes or wedding/ party favours as standard. These are available to collect from Bluebell Kitchen at an agreed time. If you would like us to deliver these for you a delivery charge will apply.

We are based in Maidstone in Kent so are perfectly placed to deliver throughout the South East including London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and of course Kent.

All of our cakes and sweet treats are baked to order so we are open Monday to Saturday strictly by appointment only. We are closed on Sundays (except for wedding cake deliveries)…yep, even cake designers need some sleep!

01622 210980
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