Brides, Birthday cakes and another Baking Adventure

Bluebell Kitchen Chocolate Delights

For those of you who know us or indeed have read any of our previous posts know that we do love an adventure.  Indeed our newest hashtag is #bkbakingadventures…just in case you are interested!

Back in March we were approached by Jade Beer, Editor of Brides Magazine (ok, truth be told her PA) to make Jade’s daughter’s birthday cake.  Wowza, said us!  Anyone else would probably think why choose a tiny cake business in Kent when Jade could choose any of the fancy London bakeries!  Quite simply, apart from obviously supporting small businesses, she saw our Chocolate Delight cakes on Instagram and loved them.

Bluebell Kitchen Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Delight or drip celebration cakes have definitely become the new “in” thing in the UK over the past year.  They seem to have moved over here from Australia and if you haven’t heard of Katherine Sabbath, the queen of this design style then please have a look at any/ all of her social media.  There are many UK businesses that have made these cakes their own and of course, we wanted to put own spin on this.

As you’ve probably seen all over the internet if you are into cake, buttercream and a shiny ganache are key elements of this design, finished with as over the top decorations as you can find.

Bluebell Kitchen sketch

From the sketch (not something we usually do for birthday cakes, but this was a special request!) to the final design, pink was the theme…heh, when you’re a two year old little girl everything is probably pink!

Last Thursday, on one of the hottest days of the year so far, we set off bright and early from Kent to the Cotswolds to deliver our mini masterpiece.  The traffic around Kent was indeed against us, but along with Keith (taxi driver extraordinaire) who knows every short cut possible, we (and more importantly the cake) arrived in one piece to the delight of the baby birthday girl!

Bluebell Kitchen Chocolate Delights

According to Jade’s instagram:

Surely the most fun you can have with a cake?!…With enormous thanks to BluebellKitchen for this decadent calorie overload….”

All of our Chocolate Delight’s are named after classic movie stars.  We enjoyed making this design so much that we are in the process of creating a new design called the Clara B.

As a side note our return journey was via Whipsnade to collect a dollshouse to add to Erica’s collection…we did say it was an adventure!

Cakes baked with love

Photo credits: Yvette Craig (top photo), Bluebell Kitchen (main blog photos)

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