It’s not a celebration without an Unbirthday cake!

What’s an Unbirthday Cake? Scrumptious cake, cupcakes and macarons that can be enjoyed at any time…they are a Bluebell family tradition!  Ready to collect or delivered from our kitchen in Maidstone, Kent to your doorstep. Growing up, if it was one of Charlie’s sisters’ birthday then the rest of us had an Unbirthday celebration…perfect excuse for […]

Bluebell Kitchen sponsors The Wedding Experience VIP area

How on earth did we at Bluebell Kitchen come to be a sponsor of the VIP area at The Wedding Experience for their upcoming Show on October 25th 2015?  They asked! Tina Green, organiser extraordinaire of The Wedding Experience (biggest free Wedding Show in the South East dontcha know) contacted us back in August to see […]

Shirley Hughes, OBE and the mini edible book cupcake…an adventure!

Another day, another adventure in the life of Bluebell Kitchen.  We can’t tell you how delighted we were to be asked to provide our mini book cupcakes for the summer party at The Orangery in Holland Park to celebrate Booktrust’s first Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Shirley Hughes, OBE. Yes we might be a tiny […]

Team Cupcake versus Team Mini Cake….

“Cupcakes are out of fashion now aren’t they?” “What is a mini cake?” Just some of the questions we were asked at out last Tasting Weekend. So to answer the first question – cupcakes and fashion.  Who orders their wedding cake based on what’s “cool” or not…no seriously, if that was the case no one […]