Rock the understated look with Marble

It’s been a staple in the home for centuries, but now marble is re-inventing itself as a must have wedding theme. It’s been quietly building momentum for the past few years but suddenly burst through as a leading trend towards the end of 2016, beginning of 2017. The beauty of marble is that it can […]

Our favourite wedding cake trends for 2017

Wedding cakes have had a revolution over the last couple of years and 2017/2018 looks as though it will be an awesome year for the cutting edge! There are some worldwide trends that look set to stay so we can’t not mention the infamous naked cakes – which still seem to be growing in popularity […]

Top 5 Wedding Cake Myths…in our opinion!

Spring is in the air and our Tasting Weekends have really come into their own.  Along with the wedding cake enquiries come the crazy wedding cake myths that we frequently get asked about! So here are our best or should we say worst “alternative” facts that we’ve read or been asked about: 1. “My Mum […]

2016: A Vlogger, Shakespeare 400 and A Tiger Came for Tea!

We sat down the other day and realised what an eventful year 2016 has been in the life of Bluebell Kitchen…well it’s been eventful everywhere let’s face it!  Without completely writing a self congratulatory blog about how wonderful life is (we have had some real bumps in the road this year too, so definitely not […]

The Diplodocus and the Wedding Cake…a normal day at the Natural History Museum

Being based in Kent we have the opportunity to make and deliver wedding cakes to some of the most amazing wedding venues all over the South East.  As such we thought, why not share some of these breathtaking and sometimes downright quirky (Lost Village of Dode anyone!!) venues with you.  Where do we start, well […]

Who Wants to go Naked? The Naked Wedding Cake Phenomenon

The naked wedding cake phenomenon is as popular as ever in a world of ever changing wedding cake styles!  Mention naked cakes and the majority of couples will think of a rustic or country house wedding although that’s not necessarily true. All styles and designs can be created by your wedding cake designer using a […]

Brides, Birthday cakes and another Baking Adventure

For those of you who know us or indeed have read any of our previous posts know that we do love an adventure.  Indeed our newest hashtag is #bkbakingadventures…just in case you are interested! Back in March we were approached by Jade Beer, Editor of Brides Magazine (ok, truth be told her PA) to make […]

Tasting Consultations…can life get any better!

Apart from buying your dress we really do think the next best part of your wedding must be your wedding cake tasting!  Always looking for a quirky angle, we at Bluebell Kitchen came up with the idea of Tasting Consultation Weekends.   What does a Tasting Consultation involve? Set up almost like a personalised wedding show or […]

Kent Wedding Awards 2015…We Won…Wowee!

What an amazing end to a very exciting 2015.  On November 12th 2015, we were named 2015 Kent Wedding Awards – Cake Designer of the Year.  To say we were shocked was a complete understatement.  When our names were announced we think we sat in our chairs for five minutes before we realised it was […]

Bluebell Kitchen sponsors The Wedding Experience VIP area

How on earth did we at Bluebell Kitchen come to be a sponsor of the VIP area at The Wedding Experience for their upcoming Show on October 25th 2015?  They asked! Tina Green, organiser extraordinaire of The Wedding Experience (biggest free Wedding Show in the South East dontcha know) contacted us back in August to see […]