Top 5 Wedding Cake Myths…in our opinion!

Buttercream and fondant wedding cake at Bluebell Kitchen

Spring is in the air and our Tasting Weekends have really come into their own.  Along with the wedding cake enquiries come the crazy wedding cake myths that we frequently get asked about! So here are our best or should we say worst “alternative” facts that we’ve read or been asked about:

1. “My Mum says I have to have a fruit cake”

No you really don’t.  The sponge reigns supreme at Bluebell Kitchen!  In fact every tier on your wedding cake can be a different flavour of sponge or, yes, even fruit cake.  This is true if you are going for a traditional style fondant finish or for a buttercream/ naked cake look.  In fact the more unusual the combination the better we say.  How about a coconut and matcha green tea tier, raspberry red velvet tier all finished with a tier of carrot cake with a hint of orange buttercream…sorry, my dream flavours combination just escaped!

If you are still being pushed into having a fruit cake we have a couple of suggestions…

  1. Remind everyone that it is your wedding and your should both have your favourite flavours – of course this may include a fruit tier!
  2. Make the top tier (your smallest tier) a fruit cake.  That way, you keep everyone happy, you still get to have your favourite sponges and the traditionalists have their fruit cake.
  3. Have a naked cake!

Bluebell Kitchen sponge chocolate drip cake

2. “Fruit cakes can only be the base tier of a wedding cake”

There is an urban legend in the wedding world that should you choose to have a fruit cake (please see above!!) it must be the base tier.  We have seen and heard all sorts of crazy claims that if you have a fruit cake as your top tier, the cake will collapse.  We’ve even seen professional wedding cake designers state this as part of their FAQs.  No, no and no!  This is simply not true and would suggest that a cake designer does not know how to correctly stack a multi-tiered cake when we hear such claims.  Key to any tiered cakes is dowelling.  If a cake is not dowelled properly then it is likely to collapse whatever the type of cake used.  If the person making your wedding cake doesn’t dowel the tiers, then to be quite honest they have no business making your cake.

White on White wedding cake designed by Bluebell Kitchen

3. “Naked cakes dry out!”

Seriously, who comes up with these ideas?  We are asked by many concerned brides-to-be about this and our answer is always the same… “ours don’t.”

Our naked/ nearly naked cakes are made and layers cut and iced in exactly the same way as our fondant covered cakes.  In fact they are prepared as closely as possible to our clients’ wedding date, stacked at the venue and then finished with fresh flowers and/ or fruit.

As with any cake, it is only once the cake has been cut into coffee or dessert portions for serving that it will very, very slowly begin to dry if left out for hours.  We always suggest that if our client is planning to keep any cake that they inform their venue so the only the correct amount of cake is cut and the rest can be carefully stored for you.

On the flip side we were once confidently told by a bride-to-be that they couldn’t possibly have a naked cake as all of the fresh fruit would make it go soggy!

Naked cake with fresh flowers at Bluebell Kitchen

4. “I need a piece of cake for every guest”

Ok, this statement can very occasionally be true, but generally is not.  We really aren’t trying to confuse you.

Most wedding cakes are cut and served in the evening perhaps with a buffet.  After a three course wedding breakfast it’s unlikely that every guest will want a piece a your wedding cake.  A good cake designer should suggest that you don’t cater for every guest so that there isn’t any unwanted cake leftover.  However, if you are planning on serving your wedding cake as your main dessert then not only are bigger slices required (dessert slices dontcha know) you will need to cater for all of your day guests so that everyone is served dessert.  Whether everyone eats their dessert is another matter!Bluebell Kitchen

5. “I can save money by making my own wedding cake”

Even as very experienced cake makers, neither Erica nor Charlie would want to make their own wedding cakes.  Too much stress!  Wedding cakes require countless hours of work.  The most elaborate designs we make at Bluebell Kitchen can take over 50 hours of work on decoration and that doesn’t include baking and icing the cakes.  Yes, even those “simple” naked cakes take a lot of planning so unless you are incredibly laid back we would always recommend that you ask someone else to make your wedding cake, whether they are a very skilled family friend or a wedding professional.  No one wants a cake wreck!!!

Photo Credits: Bluebell Kitchen, Yvette Craig Photography, We Heart Pictures, NPhotography

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