Wedding Macaron Flavours: Bitesize Bliss

Bold green ombré macaron tower from palest green macarons at the top to darkest pea green at the base. Top and base of the macaron tower is decorated with ivy green and white flowers and foliage

It’s confession time: for two people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about, making, hand-painting (and yes, eating) macarons, our menu of wedding macaron flavours has been a long time coming. These bitesize beauties receive a lot of our love and attention.  We’re always experimenting with different flavour possibilities, cracking the shell of which ones complement the moreish lightness of a macaron whilst also packing a flavoursome punch. As Kent macaron wedding cake makers every macaron is handmade in our kitchen here in Maidstone, so retaining our signature home-made-yet-gourmet style.

Two white women smiling sifting ingredients into a bowl ready to bake macarons in their Kent based kitchen
Baking up a storm in our Kent based kitchen

We are delighted to say that our macaron menu is now live and ready for your perusal (but by no means exhaustive, we must add!)  We want to take you on a little journey that will help you decide which flavours will sing in your showstopper.

How To Choose Your Macaron Wedding Flavours

Just like with your wedding cake, you can have more than one flavour of macaron. We often encourage this because, thanks to their bitesize nature, your guests will often reach for more than one! The recommended number is two macarons for every guest.  Choosing more than one flavour ensures everybody gets a choice. It’s also a great excuse to experiment with your flavours and have some fun too!

Piping each individual peach macaron by hand using a blue piping bag
Did you know that every single macaron we make is handmade!

The beauty of our hand-made macarons is that the flavour doesn’t have to match the colour. Pistachio can be green and raspberry ripple can be pink, but this is often restrictive to your design and that’s the last thing we want. Whichever flavours you choose your design wings won’t be clipped.  We can create and fill your macarons to fit with the overall look of your macaron cake or tower. If you’re a salted caramel lover but are opting for a pink ombre tower, we’ll ensure these work just as well. Plus, it’s a sweet surprise for your guests when they choose their macaron.  It’s well known that the senses are heightened when one is restricted, and creating a mismatch of colour to flavour can be a fun tasting experience.

White hands piping rich chocolate ganache buttercream into a peach coloured macaron with two gold dusted chocolate orange slices at the side...the perfect macaron wedding flavour
Mismatching colour to flavour for the ultimate taste test – rich chocolate ganache buttercream in a pale peach macaron shell

A ‘Mac’ Made In Heaven

Over the years we’ve been making macarons we’ve realised it is important not just to think about your wedding macaron flavours on their own, but also how they work with cake flavours. Many of our couples have a cake as part of their suite of sweets, whether that’s a wedding cake macaron tower hybrid or a cascade of macarons on the cake itself. Considering the flavours means that neither the cake nor the macaron will overwhelm the other, which is exactly what we did for Leah and Nick at their recent Spring wedding. Their ombre burnt orange macaron tower featured a luscious lemon top tier, and they opted for light and citrusy vanilla and orange macarons. It was a fiesta of flavour that went down a treat!

Burnt orange ombré macaron tower with a nearly naked top tier cake finished with jigsaw puzzle cake topper and a handmade sugar carnation
“We just wanted to say thank you so much for such a beautiful cake and macaron tower, it was amazing and went down brilliantly with all our guests and were gone in no time! ” Leah and Nick, Marleybrook House

We’ve suggested some perfect cake flavour pairings for each of our macaron flavours below.  Feel free to use these as inspiration or think outside the box and ask us for something else!

Moroccan Almond: match with orange blossom & almond cake for a delicate, nutty experience, or pair with rich chocolate to get a little decadent

Raspberry Ripple: match with raspberry red velvet or pair with peach melba, inspiring waves of childhood nostalgia

Pistachio: match with cappuccino coffee or luscious lemon cake flavours, for a seriously stylish European summer atmosphere

Rose Petal: match with Earl Grey, elderflower, lemon and blackberry, or pair with tipsy champagne and strawberry cake for a combination straight out of the summer garden

Passionfruit: pair with any of our zesty citrus flavours, or add indulgence with our Valencian orange chocolate cake flavour

Banoffee Pie: toffee apple crumble or carrot cake flavours are the perfect bedfellows, for a dessert buffet of options

Salted Caramel: match with our salted caramel cake, or contrast the sweetness with refreshing coconut and blueberry cake

Summerberry: match with any of our hedgerow flavours such as classic vanilla berry, or keep your flavours traditional with a classic fruit cake pairing

Zesty Lemon: pair with luscious lemon cake, add a dash of chocolate cake, or something seriously sweet – lemon flirts fabulously with almost all our cake flavours!

Lilac macaron wedding cake with tones of purple marble on the top tier finished with handmade sugar flowers and a bride and groom wedding cake topper. Cake placed on a macaron tower with lilac to deep purple ombré and finished with a layer of fresh flowers at the base. The letters K & S for the couple's names placed in front of their macaron wedding tower
Gorgeous lilac/ purple ombré macaron wedding cake for Kezia and Sean at Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent

The Future of Wedding Macaron Flavours

Our menu is a graceful balance of traditional macaron flavours with modern, fruity options that our couples really love and often don’t realise you can have in a macaron. This is only the beginning.  We’re already playing with new flavour combinations to surprise and delight you in the coming months.

Box of handmade pastel macarons filled with luscious piped buttercream. Macarons in pinks, yellow, peach, green, turquoise and lilac
Pastel macarons perfect for lazy summer picnics

We are inspired by everything around us, whether it’s the vibrant hedgerows laden with fresh fruits, the fizz and buzz of a hazy summer afternoon, or a cosy childhood memory. In fact, one of our upcoming flavours is inspired by Charlie’s time spent living in Texas, where they have a lot of lavender farms. A real favourite flavour combination over there is blueberry and lavender, which we think sounds like a gorgeous addition to our menu of wedding macaron flavours for Summer and Autumn! We are going to be working on the balance of flavours in our kitchen, and contacting our mailing list for any volunteers to try the new ideas…we think we might just have a few takers!

Don’t forget to browse our full macaron flavour menu, and keep your eyes peeled for news of the newbies soon.  Message us your favourites over on Instagram.


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Photos:  Fiona Kelly Photography, Rebecca Douglas Photography, Louisa Dettmer Photography

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