We’ve rebranded.  If you’re new to Bluebell Kitchen, you’re probably not aware that we’ve undergone a complete rebrand…website, logo, social media and yes, even our thought processes!

Bluebell Kitchen Founders

In early Spring 2018, we met with Olivia Tripp, founder of Weekend In to discuss a marketing strategy for Bluebell Kitchen.  What started as discussing our social media (or lack of it) resulted in completely rethinking our brand and most importantly our website.  This was challenging as we had to take a step back and consider what our brand stood for and how our business has developed over the past five years.  We started with one lone wedding cake, which has grown into creating multiple wedding cakes each week as well as introducing macarons and patisserie into our range.  Next step will be our bespoke handmade chocolates.

Bluebell Kitchen Corporate Cakes

Who knew that rebranding is quite so involved and definitely needs a fantastic creative team who can provide honest (and of course very constructive) feedback just when needed most.  Immediate feedback was that our Instagram was projecting a modern, vibrant business whilst our website was a little dated, not luxurious enough and truth be told way too colourful.  Basically not projecting the right image to the media savvy clients that we have started to work with.


Thankfully our graphic designer, John Kontos knew instantly how to improve this.  He suggested that rebranding didn’t necessarily mean jumping into a completely different look, but keeping the essence of Bluebell Kitchen and instead sharpening, modernising and revitalising, whilst still being recognisable as Bluebell Kitchen.  The key to which was the “bluebell.”  We were spoilt for choice with the designs and are delighted with the new logo that we have chosen.  

We also decided to remove “cakes baked with love.”  Every cake we make is baked with love…and blood, sweat and tears…but we don’t need to tell everyone that!


Our website designer, Richard Pigden at Simply Website Support was wonderful and incredibly patient working with two cake designers who knew exactly what they didn’t want, but couldn’t necessarily explain what they did want!  Thankfully, picking through our brief of “clean, chic and photos at the forefront” he came up with a number of concepts to choose from.  We then set to work to update the wording and photos we wanted to use and where.  The gallery being the most difficult to decide upon and much discussion later…Richard came up with a masonry style gallery so we could show off both landscape and portrait photos of our designs.

Bluebell Kitchen Rebrand


We had a fantastic brand photoshoot in March with Rebecca Douglas Photography, which really gave us the momentum to get our act together with our rebrand!  If you’ve seen our blog about that day, you’ll know how fantastic Rebecca is.  We also must thank our clients who have been willing to share their photos with us and Yvette Craig Photography who took some of our very first professional shots, which we continue to use today! 

Approximately four and a half months later we were ready to launch our gorgeous new website on the world!  We are delighted with the final result and we feel that our branding is in line with the quality of our work.  Please look around and let us know what you think.


Bluebell Kitchen are mother and daughter team, Erica and Charlie Bell.  We design and create bespoke wedding cakes, wedding favours and macarons for weddings, celebrations and corporate events.  We are based in Maidstone, Kent and deliver across London, Kent and the South East.

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