Rock the understated look with Marble

Bluebell Kitchen Marble Cake

It’s been a staple in the home for centuries, but now marble is re-inventing itself as a must have wedding theme.

It’s been quietly building momentum for the past few years but suddenly burst through as a leading trend towards the end of 2016, beginning of 2017.

The beauty of marble is that it can be worked into every aspect of a wedding. For those wanting a sophisticated, contemporary “urban chic” style or a minimalist and modern theme, marble cakes are the way to go. Although it’s gaining in popularity, it’s still considered very unusual and we think it makes a truly ‘wow’ centrepiece wedding cake.

Marbling can be achieved by subtle and careful mixing/kneading of two shades of fondant together. However, as with everything it is not as easy as it would appear! Over mixing of colours can result in simply having a lighter shade of the darker colour rather than the sophisticated architectural look that you might be going for. Take it from someone who has done exactly that!!

Whilst neutral grey tones create a stone like finish, mixing them up with pretty pastels or bright bold foliage can create a stunning and dramatic wedding cake. We’ve tried to incorporate the marble look slightly differently by showing how the colours mix from a stylish ice white top tier, through a swirled marble centre tier to a deep navy blue tier.

If you like colour (and we LOVE colour at Bluebell Kitchen!) you don’t have to go down the traditional soft muted tones, you can add a burst of bright colour instead. OK not strictly traditionally marble, but it still looks fabulous.

Right now the most popular style of marble wedding cake is a combination of greys, pinks and golds. Here is a beautiful example from Sugared Saffron.

Fondant is the popular choice to create the marble effect but you can also do it with butter cream and we’re fascinated by the glass marble that Russian confectioner Olga Noskova creates on her cake – they are insane! 

Marble works amazingly well with geometric patterns too like the hexagon shape, so ditch that traditional round or square cake and mix it up.

A big thanks to Cotton and Crumbs and Sugared Saffron for the photos of their gorgeous creations.

Photo Credits: Bluebell Kitchen, Cotton and Crumbs, The Sugared Saffron Cake Studio

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