Bluebell Kitchen sponsors The Wedding Experience VIP area

How on earth did we at Bluebell Kitchen come to be a sponsor of the VIP area at The Wedding Experience for their upcoming Show on October 25th 2015?  They asked!

Tina Green, organiser extraordinaire of The Wedding Experience (biggest free Wedding Show in the South East dontcha know) contacted us back in August to see if we might be interested in providing individual cakes as part of the VIP gift package at the Show…ooh and the number…only 300!

Now you might think we were crazy, but you have to remember that middle August is the absolute height of “wedding season” – although we’re not 100% sure there is a “wedding season” as such, but we digress.  Perhaps we were simply exhausted, but without batting an eyelid we said yes.
Delicious Cake Jars of Delight with fresh fruit…yum!

In reality, we did consider the offer very carefully.  We have “sponsored” events before and very rarely have we actually gained a lot in terms of developing a customer base from doing so.  However, we have been working very hard at raising our cake profile in both Kent and London over the past six months so thought we should go for it.

Tina said that in the past, these have been luxury cupcakes given out to guests by the concierges in the VIP area.  Cupcakes are great and certainly have their place (talking of which have a look at our blog Team Cupcake vs Team Mini Cake), but we felt that in order to make our mark we would need to provide something a little different.  After all we specialise in making quirky but sophisticated wedding cakes.  That’s where a delicious Cake Jar of Delight came into play.

A what?…We hear you ask.  Why a Cake Jar of Delight.  They are literally what it says on the tin…ahem jar!  Our delicious flavours of homemade cakes baked in the jars themselves, finished with freshly whipped buttercream and sealed in a jar.

Cake Jars of Delight
Personalised Cake Jars of Delight

We even make both “naughty” and “nice” size Cake Jars of Delight so whether you are planning a sneaky snack or mini wedding favours they are the perfect indulgent treat for everyone.  For The Wedding Experience each VIP guest will be able to choose a “naughty” Cake Jar of Delight to enjoy whilst they’re wandering around the Show. 

Not to be “boasty boasters” but we made over 350 of the mini versions for a summer wedding at Salomons last year.  When we spoke to Yasmin and Shahzad afterwards they said, “the best thing about the Cake Jars of Delight was when you removed the lid…mmm, wow what a delicious smell!

Unlike cupcakes which only last a day or two and can’t be kept in the fridge (no really, please don’t) being sealed in a jar means that our Cake Jars of Delight keep fresh for up to 7 days in the fridge.  In fact there is nothing better than getting a Cake Jar out of the fridge, adding a dollop of fresh extra double cream and a few raspberries for the perfect dessert.  In fact if you find that there is no one on our stand at The Wedding Experience we’ve probably gatecrashed the VIP area to do just that.

cakes baked with love


Photo Credits: Bluebell Kitchen, Yvette Craig Photography

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