Everything You Need To Know About Your Macaron Wedding Cake & More

Centrepiece pastel luxury macaron tower placed on an opulent bed of greenery and fresh flowers

Macarons have been much-loved as moreish morsels for centuries, and we can see why!  Here at Bluebell Kitchen, we’re quite partial to these crispy, chewy delights ourselves, and so are many of our couples.  The macaron wedding cake not only allows you to double down on your sweet treats but also offers real versatility of aesthetic and design. We’ve put together our most frequently asked questions about wedding macarons to help you decide if the lavish little lovelies are right for you, so grab your morning coffee and tuck in.

1. What colours and designs can we have on our macaron wedding cake?

One of our favourite things about macarons is how talented they are at looking lovely in a huge variety of shades and patterns. As well as being absolutely delicious, your macs can be styled and decorated in many different ways to suit almost any cake or wedding design.

Blush pink ombré macaron tower placed on a white pedestal stand with a pile of pink macarons next to it and some fresh flowers in glass vases. All placed in front of a blue background

Trio of photos of a macaron wedding cake and favour designs. Tall 3 tier macaron wedding cake filled with a cascade of hand painted sage green and blush pink macarons; top photo is a pea green ombre macaron tower finished with silk gypsophila at the top and base of the design and base photo is of a bowl of hand painted floral pastel macarons
Your macarons can be styled and decorated in so many unique ways to suit almost any cake or wedding design.

We are particularly fond of hand painting your macarons with intricate patterns, floral motifs (imagine a mini bouquet to emulate your flowers!) and contemporary designs that compliment your colour scheme or wedding vibe. We can also add gold leaf, brushed gold or shimmer for a hint of glamour and sparkle, and textured patterns for a stylised design. Simple macarons become elevated to edible works of art.

You can choose regular, bitesize macarons which look wonderful as part of your macaron wedding cake (for example, cascading down the side or piled on top) and as part of a macaron tower, or we can make large size macarons that work perfectly as favours. We can even personalise these with names, initials and bespoke designs.

Close up of pastel pink and baby blue single macarons. Each macaron has been hand painted with an ombre white to bright pink petals

Trio of photos showing a selection of delicate pastel pink and baby blue hand painted macarons. Top photo show pastel ombre hand painted macaron being held in the centre of some hands; bottom left photo shows two hand painted macarons on some stationary and bottom right photo shows a close up of a baby blue hand painted macaron as a place setting
Bridgerton inspired pastel hand painted macaron wedding favours in the most delicate of colours

The macarons themselves can be any colour you can dream of, from pretty pastels like those shown above at a recent Bridgerton-inspired wedding photoshoot to bold brights, and anything in between. Your colours and flavours don’t have to traditionally ‘match’ (for example, pistachio doesn’t have to be green, strawberry doesn’t have to be pink…) and we can create playful ombre designs, shades that match your wedding theme or contemporary clashing colours.

The only limit to the colours and designs on your macaron wedding cake is your imagination!

2. Do macarons work well as wedding favours?

Macarons make the ideal wedding favours in our opinion, and you don’t run the risk of them being left behind. In fact, you’ll probably find they disappear quite quickly! They are a little more unique than cookies and much more modern than bags of sugared almonds, and can be displayed simply on your guests’ side plates or packaged in beautiful boxes, bags or decorative jars adorned with ribbons and tags.

Macaron wedding favour place setting. Pale lilac macaron with hand painted wild flowers on the top..

Trio of photos of handmade macaron favours. Includes a selection of hand painted meadow flowers in pink and green on sage green and ivory macarons
Macarons make ideal wedding favours. They are more unique than cookies and much more modern than bags of sugared almonds!

We’ve written a whole blog about the subject of macaron favours if you want to find out more!

Read all about our bespoke macaron favours

3. How many macarons do we need per guest?

If you intend for all your guests to get a taste of these delicious and dainty treats, we recommend 1-2 macarons per guest. They’re bitesize and oh-so moreish, so you’ll be amazed at how quickly they get snapped up.

When adding them to a macaron wedding cake we recommend ordering a few extra, so your guests can have a taste of each piece of the showstopper! Macarons are naturally so light with surprisingly punchy flavours, making them luxurious and exquisite without feeling overly indulgent.

4. Are macarons good for guests with dietary requirements?

Your macaron wedding cake features a naturally gluten-free option! The main ingredients in macarons are ground almonds, egg whites and sugar, making them a brilliant treat for guests with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. This means everyone can enjoy some goodies at your wedding without feeling left out or restricted…the most inclusive of all the desserts, if you will!

White hands piping rich chocolate ganache buttercream into a peach coloured macaron with two gold dusted chocolate orange slices at the side...the perfect macaron wedding flavour
Our macaron flavour menu is full of tempting options. We usually suggest you choose at least two flavours, and these can either complement or contrast one another.

5. What flavours can we have for our macarons?

We have designed a macaron menu filled with all the classic favourites and some tempting new twists on traditional flavours, which you can explore by clicking the link below. Apologies in advance if we start your tummy rumbling!

View our macaron flavour menu

6. Should I choose a cake with macarons or a macaron wedding cake tower?

There are two main ways we add macarons to wedding cakes – either as a macaron tower which can standalone or be topped with tiers of cake, or as a cake which incorporates macs into the design. We’ve noticed that for 2024 and 2025 the latter is becoming more popular, with couples requesting macarons as a focal point of the cake or as an accent. Many are choosing full cascades of tempting, tumbling macarons for their cakes, or artistic piles of them on top.

4 tier white wedding cake with macarons in a blush pink cascade sat on a gold pedestal wedding cake stand surrounded by golden tea lights and the bride's bouquet

Two tier textured wedding cake with a trio of pastel sugar peonies placed on a tower of pale pastel macarons on a white cake stand
Whichever way you go, your cake is sure to be a real talking point and turn some heads at your wedding!

Are you interested in including macarons in your wedding cake or have more questions before you go ahead, get in touch – we can talk about these magnificently mini morsels all day! You can also purchase boxes of our handmade macarons in either delicate pastels or hand-painted floral design from our online shop, making the perfect gift or just a treat for yourselves.


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Photography:  Fiona Kelly Photography, Charlene Webb Photography, Photography by Kirsty, Louisa Dettmer Photography, Rebecca Douglas Photography, Katie Rogers Photography

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