White Wedding Cakes – Why Blanc Is Not Boring

3 tier square white wedding cake filled with handmade white sugar roses and white sugar leaves placed on a ink pedestal cake stand in front of a turquoise blue background

In our Bluebell Kitchen we have become known for colourful wedding cakes, abundant with vibrant sugar flowers – but the secret’s out: we love a white wedding cake! The colour white is as iconic in the wedding world as the Little Black Dress among fashionistas, timelessly stylish and always on-trend. We want to show you that white wedding cakes don’t have to be traditional or boring, and give you some ideas to elevate your blanc beauty to something spectacular.

Mono-Colour Magic: White on White Wedding Cakes

White is a surprisingly versatile colour – if you’ve ever tried to buy ‘white’ paint, you’ll already know this! The use of white on white for a mono-colour cake is infinitely contemporary and on-trend, and adding varying shades and tones can completely change a look and give your design depth and dynamism.

‘White’ can be classic ice, silky cream, ivory, bone or bridal white, and layering with subtle sheen, hand painted elements or texture can help highlight particular tiers. The use of fondant can really lift a design, with bas relief, ruffles, lace and sugar molding shown as examples in our recent blog celcebrating modern fondant wedding cakes.

Trio highlighting a white on white sugar flower 3 tier wedding cake with a clear acrylic centre tier placed against a green back drop
White on white intricate wedding cake beautifully given centre stage by the dark background and subtle flowers

While white is often considered a classic or traditional colour for a wedding cake, it actually acts as a brilliant blank canvas on which to build an enviably modern, cutting edge design.

Real White Wedding Cakes by Bluebell Kitchen

Until we started putting this blog together, we didn’t realise just how many different white wedding cakes we’ve made over the years!

Take a look at this sophisticated 5 tier extravaganza with cascading sugar roses, made for Claire Chanelle’s wedding at the Ritz in London and our floating tier design shown above, showcased in our blog as to how to make your wedding cake taller without adding more cake.

Adding Colour to your White Wedding Cake

Just as white roses hold discreet little dashes of colour within their petals, so too can white wedding cakes take the tiniest hint of other tones to help bring them to life. The simplest addition of foliage or very soft pastels really help to guide your eye – you notice the white shades and elements, but the coolness is made gentle by these little touches. Take a look at our textured pastel 2 tier example here to see what we mean – very much an all-white wedding cake, with subtle elevating elements.

Trio of photos with main photo showing 2 tier white wedding cake with pastel pink and white handmade sugar roses and green leaves. two smaller photos show detail of the roses and intricate sugar design on the cake. On a marble stand with a white ribbon around the base of the cake and trailing down the stand.
A single pastel pink sugar rose draws the eye to the flowers without taking away from the detail on the cake

When we make our sugar flowers we always add hints of pinks or yellows to them, making them still appear white but feel much more natural and realistic. It helps draw the eye to the sugar flower design, even as it still appears to be a mono colour masterpiece.

A 3 tier wedding cake with handmade white sugar roses, lisianthus, gypsophila, eucalyptus leaves and white filler flowers.
Dramatic green sugar foliage beautifully enhances the abundance of white sugar flowers

Displays with Drama 

Even the simplest white wedding cake can be hugely impactful when displayed with care, for example against a dark background at a venue or with the right stand to highlight your design’s beauty. Displaying your cake well can be the difference between a boring blanc afterthought, and a show-stopping snow white fairytale.

Trio of photos showing white wedding cakes Main photo shows a 3 tier cake on a gold pedestal stand against a cream background. Smaller photos show a single tier cake with an abundance of white sugar flowers on a marble stand and detail of the white sugar roses and leaves.
Background and different styles of cake stands add impact when displaying your wedding cake

Traditional ‘wedding white’ is very much still a la mode for 2024 and beyond, and we love to create classic cakes that feel contemporary and unique. Every Bluebell Kitchen design is bespoke, so together we can take this cool colour and elevate it into something magnificent…and delicious!

Cutting into a white wedding cake to find decadent, naturally rich-coloured flavour within is one of the biggest joys of a wedding day (we think so, anyway), so why not take a look at our Cake Menu to see what catches your eye before you get in touch.

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