How We Design Your Bespoke Wedding Cakes: Before The Bake

4 tier hand painted marble effect wedding cake filled with handmade sugar flowers including pastel peonies, bright pink roses and lots of roses leaves all placed against a gold inlaid wall at Bradbourne House

Every cake that leaves Bluebell Kitchen is uniquely designed for each couple.  We achieve this through a carefully crafted process that takes place before we bake a single sponge, whittle a single sugar flower or add a single drop of buttercream. Our bespoke wedding cakes are designed using everything we gather from you during your consultation, and created as sketches and mood boards that reflect your personal style and wedding vision. Let us take you behind the bake and show you how we do it.

Bespoke Wedding Cakes Start With A Great Consultation

Our wedding cake consultations are fun and personable.  They allow us to get in depth to discover what you really want from your cake design. We’ll sit down and chat through everything we need to know.  From your inspiration for the cake and anything you particularly like or dislike, to your plans and ideas for your wedding, your venue, your flowers and even fabric swatches! It’s one of our favourite parts of the whole bespoke wedding cake journey.  This is because the feeling we get from being confidently on the same page and able to perfect your design is second to none.

Erica and Charlie, your Kent wedding cake makers discussing cake designs and hand drawing your bespoke wedding cake at our studio in Maidstone, Kent

Hands shown sketching out wedding cake ideas for your Kent wedding sketch and taking inspiration from flower and cake books
After your consultation we start discussing and sketching ideas by hand of your wedding cake

Well, okay, second only to one other thing – hearing how much you enjoy the cake on your wedding day!

Our ultimate guide to your wedding cake consultation guides you through everything you can expect from this part of the process, so tuck into that if you’d like to know more. It’s safe to say that whether you’re looking for a design that is classic or contemporary, the consultation helps us view your wedding as one big beautiful whole event rather than just one (delicious) element.

Designing Bespoke Wedding Cakes With Sketches

Every one of our couples receives a sketch of their wedding cake before we start to make it.  We believe that even the roughest visual representation can convey more to you than we ever could with a simple email! Over the years we’ve dabbled in lots of different ways to sketch your cake.   We have now settled on a winning combination of pencil, penned-in detail and pastel colours to bring the tones to life. We also add lots of writing and notes to the sketch so you’re clear on what we’re envisioning, just like in the example shown here.

Hand drawn sketch of a wedding 4 tier colourful wedding cake

Trio of a selection of hand drawn working sketches using pencils and pastels
Every one of our couples receives a sketch of their wedding cake before we start to make it, because we believe that even the roughest visual representation can convey more to you than we ever could with a simple email

Sketching out bespoke wedding cakes gives you so much information in one place, and we love to spend time at this point in the experience to ensure your design is exactly what you want it to be – and so you can get excited about seeing the real thing! It also allows us to ensure we are thinking of the same ideas and imagining your cake the same way, whether that’s a very specific design you have in mind or a more general vision.

We always send our sketches and mood boards (more on those in a minute) by post to you as a little gift. Holding your wedding cake sketch in your hand rather than viewing it on a screen allows you to take in all the little details, from the attentively drawn flowers with their realistic colour fade to our thoughts on the ideal cake stand for it.

Flat lay of a trio of wedding cake sketches in bright, bold colours

Couple laughing and cutting their bespoke handmade safari inspired wedding cake
From sketch to cake!

The finished sketch is added to your mood board, which is our favourite way to explore the possibilities for your design and inspire the final touches.

Your Wedding Cake Mood board

Your design mood board is curated from the information we gather at your consultation.  And includes your sketch, colour and fabric samples, floristry inspiration, monograms and motifs with special meaning…and literally anything and everything else!

We work closely with your wedding florist to ensure any sugar flowers we add to your cake work with the real blooms provided by them.  This is because we are dedicated to considering bespoke wedding cakes as one element of a cohesive whole rather than a standalone item!

Personalised bespoke mood board planned for each couple highlighting their inspiration ideas and how their colours will work as part of a bespoke wedding cake


Close up of working hand drawn sketch of green and ivory macaron tower

Trio showing all the elements of a handmade macaron green and ivory macaron tower finished with a top tier white ruffle cake finished with handmade white sugar flowers including a statement peony
Bespoke macaron wedding cake from initial working hand drawn sketch and mood board and how this evolves into your final wedding cake design

As you can see from Joyce and Matt’s gorgeous macaron wedding cake above, their final design evolved from their original working sketch and mood board.  This is because we spend as much time as you need as a couple to create a truly bespoke wedding cake for you.

If you have your own mood board or Pinterest board already, you’re always welcome to share it with us – these make a brilliant starting point for the cake mood board we will create.

So Much More Than The Bake

As you can see, designing bespoke wedding cakes is about so much more than just deciding on a design and making it. We go to great lengths to ensure we know exactly what you want for the most important cake you’ll ever buy (it’s a bold claim, but we stand by it!)  We care deeply about getting to the heart of your vision and embodying it in cake form.

Wedding cake sketch and final pink ombré wedding cake sugar roses design side by side
Recreating your hand drawn wedding cake sketch as your wedding cake flavour menu!

For more tasty information about what goes on before the sponge hits the oven, take a look at our Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavours for Foodies and our Ultimate Guide to our Wedding Cake Sample Boxes .  This is where the delicious flavours marry up with the beautiful design, and things get really exciting!

Contact us to begin mixing the ingredients for your own bespoke wedding cake. It’s sure to be one of a kind, just like you two!

Erica and Charlie signature

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