How to Make a Wedding Cake Taller (without dummy tiers or extra cake!)

Colourful and bold sugar flower wedding cake with a hand painted peach and gold base tier on a black pedestal stand. Sugar flowers appearing to hold up the top tier. Placed against a black background

We firmly believe wedding cakes ought to be showstoppers and take up the space they deserve. For this reason, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make a wedding cake taller, adding height and impact. One of the best ways to achieve this is by adding an extra tier to your design – but we’re not talking about using more cake, or using dummy tiers! Illusion tiers are perfect for weddings where the guest numbers are smaller and so less cake is needed, but a spectacular design is still important.  In fact, perfect for anyone wanting to add something unique and unusual to their wedding cake design.

Faux or ‘dummy’ tiers are useful to add height to a wedding cake, however they are made from polystyrene which takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. Luckily, there are a few stylish, more eco-friendly (and delicious!) options, and we’re going to show you what’s on offer.

Make a Wedding Cake Taller by Defying Gravity

We’re not going to do a magic trick and make your wedding cake levitate (they’re not that fancy), but we can add a floating tier separator to give the illusion that part of it is mysteriously suspended.  We think this definitely falls into the category of ‘wow factor’!

A Z-separator can be used to make a wedding cake taller, and essentially acts as a spacer between two of your wedding cake tiers. The diagonal bar (imagine the slanted line in the middle of the ‘Z’!) is the only visible element, and we cover this with dancing sugar flowers and leaves so it can’t be seen…et voila, defying gravity!

Top tier of wedding cake appearing to float above the rest of the wedding cake being held up by colourful sugar flowers in front of a black background

Top tier of wedding cake appearing to float above the rest of the wedding cake being held up by white sugar roses and leaves in front of a blue background
Two contrasting ways to use a Z separator to create an “invisible” tier

These floating wedding cake designs are quite unusual, so many of your guests will never have seen anything like it before. Perfect for a unique cake that really knows how to be the centre of attention.

More on Spacers & Separators

Spacers and separators come in all different designs.  You can really let your imagination run wild and make a wedding cake taller in a variety of ways. Spacers can be square, round or even geometric in shape.  Made from metal, acrylic or covered with a ‘piped’ effect. Choosing the right one for your design can really enhance the overall effect.  We’re always happy to advise on how best to help your cake shine in a crowded room.

Close up of textured fondant wedding cake tier separated with polished acrylic spacers

3 tier statement white wedding cake filled with white sugar flowers and sage green leaves. Cake placed above a show stopping floral display white hydrangeas and gypsophila.
Adding extra clear acrylic tiers to make your wedding cake taller

We particularly love clear, acrylic spacers as they can be used in so many different ways. They can be left visible and used as tiers in their own right, which can turn a classic cake into a truly contemporary design. They can also be filled, and popular choices for this are with flowers or even macarons…a modern macaron tower!

Close up of statement clear acrylic separator on a white wedding cake, used as a tier of the cake

Statement 3 tier white bas-relief wedding cake with a clear acrylic tier, designed with white sugar flowers placed on a marble cake stand and gorgeous complementary green floral bed
How to turn a two tier wedding cake into a three tier showstopper!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using spacers and separators, which is a good thing as our wedding cakes can get pretty tall!

Make It A Macaron Tower

One of our favourite ways to make a wedding cake taller is combining it with a macaron tower, which is an unusual way of adding height to your design as well as giving guests options when it comes to which sweet treat to eat. We’re reliably informed that our macarons go down a storm at weddings so if you choose this option, get in there quick for a taste!

Close up of 2 tier textured wedding cake filled with sugar peonies and gold leaves placed on a macaron tower

Two tier textured wedding cake with a trio of pastel sugar peonies placed on a tower of pale pastel macarons on a white cake stand
Elevating a wedding cake on top of a macaron tower is the ultimate show stopping combination

For more inspiration read all about our macaron flavour menu on one of our recent blogs here.

Are you ready to reach dazzling and delicious new heights with your wedding cake? All our designs are completely bespoke.  This means we can have plenty of fun working on something that will blow you and your guests away. Contact us to get started with a consultation.

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Photos: Fiona Kelly Photography

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