Unique Wedding Cake Designs: 6 Ways to Make Them Personal To You

Contemporary version of a traditional white wedding cake filled with sugar roses and leaves sitting on a white cake stand on a bed of eucalyptus

At Bluebell Kitchen all of our couples have one thing in common: they are looking for a unique wedding cake design that is completely bespoke to them. We pride ourselves on our ability to carefully combine style and trends with creativity.  No two of our luxury wedding cakes are the same. Just as there is a huge variety of cake flavours, there is also a huge variety of ways to make your cake stand out and steal the show! Here are our top 6 signature ways we make sure you get a totally unique wedding cake…

1. Getting Personal

It all starts with a good old fashioned chat over a cup of tea.  We can either do this via video call or in our studio in Maidstone, Kent – and in case you’re wondering, we never serve tea without cake. This is time for us to get to know you and for you to find out more about us and how we work.

At this stage we want to find out as much as possible about you as a couple and your wedding, so we can make the most incredible unique wedding cake that turns heads on the big day. It’s important to note that we absolutely don’t copy or recreate cake designs from elsewhere.  If you’ve seen something specific that you like then we’ll try and get to the bottom of exactly what you love about it. What drew you to it and how can we take those elements and make them personal to you?

Erica and Charlie chatting over a cup of tea and cake sitting in the late Autumn sun discussing all things cake
Erica and Charlie chatting over a cup of tea and cake sitting in the late Autumn sun discussing all things cake

We’ll ask you lots of questions (we sound nosy, but it’s all for a good cause!) – what colours you’ll be having at your wedding, the fresh flowers you have in mind, the style of wedding, venue and even time of year. This all helps us to create an artistic design that harmoniously works with your wedding plans.  We’re not just making a wedding cake, we’re creating a custom piece of artwork that will dazzle in photos forever! Oh, and did we mention we’ll also talk about everybody’s favourite subject…wedding cake flavours.

2. Thinking Outside The (Cake) Box

It’s 2023 and wedding cakes no longer have to be uniformly made up of several equal-height tiers – we’re all for mixing things up a bit and adding a twist of the modern. Maybe you want to move away from tiers altogether and opt for a macaron tower of moreish morsels, or create an epic hybrid design featuring both a macaron tower and some tiers of cake! Whether you’re going small, sweet and show stopping or gloriously grand with the size of your cake, it can still be unique with bowl-loads of wow factor.

5 tier gold and ivory wedding cake filled with a double cascade of handmade sugar flowers placed on a white tall cake stand in front of a large window at Bradbourne House
The ultimate wedding cake and the ultimate wedding cake backdrop!

The style and size of your wedding shouldn’t rigidly dictate the design of your cake.  While your venue and guest numbers will influence some elements, it’s possible to create an elegant and sophisticated 5 tier extravaganza even if you’re having an intimate barn wedding for 20!

We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to ensure you don’t have to compromise on the look of your wedding cake for any reason, including how to make your wedding cake taller (and no not using dummy tiers), using macarons creatively and how to add wow factor to a smaller wedding cake. Let your imagination run wild, and let us create terrifically tempting treats with serious panache.

3. Sugar Flowers for a Unique Wedding Cake

Sugar flowers are a Bluebell Kitchen signature, and we’re so passionate about creating them. We’re heavily inspired by what’s around us and how colours work together in the natural world, and our cake studio is becoming synonymous with realistic florals that elevate a wedding cake to the next level.

To make your unique wedding cake design bespoke to you, we can include any type of blooms. Many couples choose to echo and complement the florals from their bouquet or the colour scheme from the wedding.  But the real joy of sugar flowers is that you aren’t constrained by them being in season. If you’re a peony lover, you can have them adorning your cake in the middle of winter if that’s what you want! Little posies or cascades of sugar flowers make the most exquisite finish to a wedding cake, and the wonderful thing is they can be kept forever – long after the plates have been licked clean.

You can enjoy our ultimate wedding cake guide: sugar flowers for cakes here

5 tier sage green and gold hand painted wedding cake filled with bright and bold sugar flowers on the top and base tier. Cake is placed in front of a blue/ turquoise wall on a marble cake stand

3 tier statement white wedding cake filled with white sugar flowers and sage green leaves. Cake placed above a show stopping floral display white hydrangeas and gypsophila.

3 tier white wedding cake with an ombre of ivory to powder blue hydrangeas spiralling around the cake on a silver stand
Three unique wedding cake designs filled with sugar flowers

4. Textured Wedding Cakes

We love working with texture, and we’ve written lots about it in our blog about the endless creativity of working with fondant. Adding handmade sugar lace that is reminiscent of your wedding dress or creating ruffles, petals, bas relief or a torn paper texture are all ways to really bring a cake to life and give it an extra dimension. It can transform even the simplest of designs into something that is complete cake couture. When used well, texture can really make a unique wedding cake design unlike anything you or your guests have seen before.

Close up of textured fondant wedding cake tier separated with polished acrylic spacers

Texture can transform even the simplest of designs into something that is complete cake couture

5. Hand Painting Your Unique Wedding Cake

Hand painting is another one of our passions at Bluebell Kitchen, and we’re finding it’s becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s an intricate design of florals and birds, an animal print pattern or a marble effect using your colour palette, hand painting really allows us to flex our creativity and create something that is about as custom as it gets! We can even add metallic highlights or a touch of shimmer or sparkle.  We’ll always use our expertise on where to place it for the best effect. This technique brings something marvellously modern to your wedding cake design, and there are so many possibilities.

Bright and bold hand made sugar flowers standing out on a hand painted peach and orange marble effect base tier

Close up of the base tier with watercolour hand painted effect surrounded by handmade sugar flowers
Close up of the base tier of two very different hand painted wedding cakes using a watercolour hand painted effect surrounded by handmade sugar flowers

6. Display: Doing It Justice

The final step in making your unique wedding cake shine is ensuring you display it in a way that does it justice! The right display can transform a beautiful cake into something truly stunning, and we’ll always advise and assist on the best way to achieve this. Let’s be honest, this is probably the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy and so it should take centre stage – we hate to see wedding cakes pushed to one side or put down next to an ugly air conditioning unit, for example!

Statement 3 tier white bas-relief wedding cake with a clear acrylic tier, designed with white sugar flowers placed on a marble cake stand and gorgeous complementary green floral bed
Taking centre stage…styling the space around your cake really helps add impact and interest too, using candles or tea lights and even fresh flowers.

Displaying your cake on the right stand makes all the difference, and there are so many different types of stand available to fit your cake design. Choose from marble and ceramic pedestal stands as well as traditional and log varieties, and ask us about our range of cake stands available too. Styling the space around your cake really helps add impact and interest too, using candles or tea lights and even fresh flowers. Ask your florist to create a bed of fresh florals for the base of the cake (this looks amazing in combination with a macaron tower!), or use extra macarons dotted around.

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Our Favourite Ways to Make Your Wedding Cake Unique

These are just a few of our favourite ways to add flair to your unique wedding cake design, and the sky really is the limit! Check out some of our wedding cake portfolio for inspiration, and when you’re ready to start creating a custom cake of dreams for your big day, please get in touch.

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Photos: Fiona Kelly Photography, Rebecca Douglas Photography,The Bostons Photography

Venues: Bradbourne House, Kent; Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

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