Who Wants to go Naked?

naked wedding cake Bluebell Kitchen

Naked cakes are as popular as ever in a world of ever changing wedding cake styles!  Mention naked cakes and everyone thinks rustic wedding…although that’s not necessarily true. We’ve delivered naked cakes to everywhere from Allington Castle to Gray’s Inn (one of the four Inns of Court in London, we don’t think you can get any further from rustic if you tried!!)

We receive enquiries about them almost daily, although if you don’t work in the wedding industry they are still quite unusual and are generally chosen because the couple dislikes fondant or simply as talking point.

Bluebell Kitchen Naked cakes

For the majority of couples a naked cake equals buttercream, no fondant and fresh fruit.  Yet, they can be as quirky and unique to a bridal couple as any other wedding cake.  If you’ve read our previous blog on naked cakes – in the words of Father Ted’s Mrs Maguire, “Go on now, go on now” – we make our naked wedding cakes in exactly the same way as any other wedding cake.  We design it, sketch it out and create it bespoke for you.  Every tier is separate so multiple complimentary flavours can work brilliantly together.

Bluebell Kitchen Naked cakes

For anyone considering making their own wedding cake (or asking the famous Aunt to make it) it is not a case of piling the tiers on top of each other!  The finished piece may look “shabby chic” and “unfinished” but it has been designed that way.

Naked Cakes Bluebell Kitchen

As naked cakes are becoming more established so variations on naked cakes are becoming more popular. You might describe it as a more sophisticated version of the naked cake.  These use all sorts of techniques including piping, sharp edges, ganache and even edible flowers.

Sophisticated Naked Cakes by Bluebell Kitchen

This leads us onto the most common queries about naked cakes, buttercream cakes…in fact any wedding cake that doesn’t include fondant and we blame the internet for every one of them a) will my cake sink? or b) will my wedding cake dry out?

No and no is the simple answer.  Regarding “sinking” yes, we too have seen some of the cake wrecks on Pinterest and we’ve even had a venue (who shall remain nameless) who said when we mentioned that we would be delivering and setting up a naked cake;

Them: “Oh, you’re delivering a Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Us (with indignant voices): “No we are not!

They saw the finished design and agreed that no, indeed we were not.

As we’ve already said each tier is baked completely separately and stacked using exactly the same internal structure as we use for a fondant covered cake.  Regarding the cake drying out, clearly a naked cake cannot be made and iced a few days before the wedding. At Bluebell Kitchen we always find out when the cake is going to served, we do not buttercream the cake until the morning of the wedding and then always stack the cake and decorate once we are at the venue.  This ensures that your wedding cake is as fresh as possible.

Fresh Fruit and Flowers Naked Cake

However, at the other end of the spectrum we recently had someone suggest that because the cake would have fruit on it, it would go soggy…words escape us!

Naked wedding cakes definitely look like they are going to be staying around for a long time, because quite simply who doesn’t love a delicious piece of cake full of buttercream?

Photo credits and many thanks to: Jacob and Pauline Photography,  Yvette Craig Photography, We Heart Pictures, Mark Wallis Photography, Gavin Hardy Photography, Bluebell Kitchen

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