Wedding Cake Trends 2020…make sure every trend adapts to you and not you adapting to the trend!

Bluebell Kitchen bold bright sugar flowers in Spring

January means wedding cakes trends are thrown at us from every direction whether you’re the bridal couple or even your wedding cake designer.  Pinterest and Instagram inundate every bridal couple with image after image of beautiful cake designs.  It’s your wedding so every trend should adapt to your ideas, not you adapting to the trend!

Feeling overwhelmed and undecided as to where to start with your wedding cake planning…we can help!

Bold and Bright Blooms

Bold and bright blooms are the top floral trend for 2020 and work beautifully on a pared back multitiered cake.  However, instead of fresh flowers on your wedding cake, which may not last the whole day or should not be added e.g. gypsophilas, hydrangeas, whatever you might be told, why not opt for handmade sugar flowers.  These can last forever and are handmade especially for you so each individual flower (or even petal) is completely unique and whether in season or not you can choose whatever you want.

Bluebell Kitchen Bold and Bright Sugar Flowers Peonies and Roses

Bluebell Kitchen Bright Bold Blooms Orange and Pink Sugar Roses

These will give you the statement cake for every type of venue.

Classic Blue

The colour specialist, Pantone, has chosen classic blue as its colour of the year for 2020.  Can this work for you?  We would suggest one way might be to soften the classic blue with pastel pinks, peaches or ivory or even altering the shade of blue completely!  Again you’re adapting the trend to suit you.

Bluebell Kitchen Cornflower Blue Buttercream and Gold Sugar Flowers

Bluebell Kitchen Handprinted Silhouette on Blue Wedding Cake

Embracing the “homemade”

Everyone loves that “homemade” taste.  We, at Bluebell Kitchen pride ourselves on ensuring our cakes and bakes have just that.  

If you want to be more involved in baking something unique for your wedding, how about creating your own wedding favours or on a smaller scale delicious handmade gifts for your bridal shower.  Learning the fundamental techniques of making your own macarons or cookies will not only be fun but will of course “wow” everyone.

We have created classes to enable you to do just that – Introduction to Macarons and Create Your Own Cookie Favours.  We’ve even included how far in advance you can make them so you’re not having to bake everything at the last minute, when you should be enjoying the build up to your wedding.  

Bluebell Kitchen Make Your Own Cookie Favours

Bluebell Kitchen Behind the Scenes Piping Macarons

If you’re feeling brave, come and join us at our cake studio in Maidstone, Kent and embrace the “homemade.”

Macarons as the main event

The trend for macarons is as popular as ever.  We have noticed a definite move away from having a small macaron tower simply placed next to your wedding cake as an extra sweet treat.  They’re now the main event finished with gorgeous flowers at the top and base of the tower, often raised to give an even bigger impact.  

For 2020 the new macaron tower includes a tiered cake as part of the design.

Bluebell Kitchen Peach Ombre Macaron Tower with Top Tier

Bluebell Kitchen Pink Ombre Macaron Tower

Did you know that macarons are naturally gluten free?

Flavour Savvy

We always tell our bridal couples, if you love a particular flavour go for it!  You can’t beat the classics e.g. luscious lemon, vanilla berry or rich chocolate.  However, it’s your wedding so pick what you want, not what a distant relative you may not have seen since childhood might want!

Go for the raspberry red velvet, peach and Prosecco or even yuzu and blackcurrant.

At Bluebell Kitchen, we live by the motto, it’s your wedding so every trend should adapt to your ideas, not you adapting the trend!

Photos: Rebecca Douglas Photography

Bluebell Kitchen are mother and daughter team, Erica and Charlie Bell designers and tutors of bold, stunning and stylish cakes and macarons for weddings, celebrations and corporate events.  Want to learn the secrets of sugar craft, create your own favours or macarons?  Join us at our latest Spring classes.  We are based in Maidstone, Kent and deliver across London, Kent and the South East.

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